victoria and david beckham working on another baby


Victoria and David Beckham Working on Another Baby

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2008
Author: Susan
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That’s right folks, our favorite US transplants from the UK are not only the newest high profile initiates into the Church of Scientology (shown the way by the soft guiding hands of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), but are busily working on proliferation. The end result, they hope, will be a little girl who will join their already existing brood of three hungry young boys. Oh did I say “hungry”? – as in hungry flesh-eating monsters? – I meant, healthy.  Their daughter will join a family of three healthy boys.

The Daily Times reports:

"The footballer revealed the couple’s bedroom secrets during a chat on America’s ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. DeGeneres quizzed the LA Galaxy star following Victoria’s vow to have a daughter after the Spice Girls tour finished.

Grinning, the proud dad of three boys, said: “We’re working on it”. Earlier this month, his own father, Ted, said: “David really wants a girl.”"

That’s fine, I’m sure a daughter is pretty easy to make when you’re half-alien.  What does it take?  A mannequin, a wig, some duct tape (swished into the shape of a heart) and a mix-tape of general facts like the density of planet earth and how long the Colorado River is and how many times a day an alien should pretend to use the bathroom.

The Daily Times continues the story:

"Meanwhile Victoria Beckham appeared to still be getting over her 34th birthday celebrations, as the sullen-faced star stepped out in Los Angeles with her sons to a shopping mall. While there, she treated her sons to some ice-cream, but the wafer-thin style icon couldn’t be persuaded to indulge herself."

Ah, yes, and a family of half-aliens should know how much time to spend in the sun without melting. And obviously Victoria, formerly known as Posh Spice, has learned by now ice cream can not be consumed by a fully matured alien – dairy and the cold refreshing aftertaste would only blow out her circuits.  Rest assured, America, Victoria Beckham knows her stuff, and this tiny forthcoming baby girl will be in good hands!