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Paris Engaged to Nicole’s Fiance'sTwin Brother?

MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2008
Author: David
Tags: Paris Hilton


The UK’s Daily Mirror reports that Paris Hilton was seen wearing a diamond-encrusted ring this weekend around LA. Could she been engaged? 

She has been dating Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, twin brother of frontman Joel Madden, who happens to be engaged to Nicole Richie.  Sounds like healthy (or maybe unhealthy) competition between the former friends.  Perhaps dating twins is a good way to patch things up.  It's good for the twins to. I happen to be a twin myself, and my parents always tried to make my brother and I feel as though we were given equal treatment.  So, if Nicole get’s to marry a member of Good Charlotte, so too should Paris.  Only fair.