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Will Paris Get the Last Laugh

Author: John
Tags: Paris Hilton


Eons ago, when I was in third grade, I did a John Wayne impression for my fellow students during a lunch recess that brought the proverbial house down. Then I discovered that what they were really laughing at was my sitting (unknowingly) on an unwrapped Twinkie.  It was a messy but important lesson to learn:  it’s not what you say in life that counts, but what you do.  And so I’m reminded now of another mushy Twinkie:  Paris Hilton.  The Hollywood heiress is appearing in a new movie—“The Hottie and the Nottie”—that is by all accounts dreadful, demeaning, and dulling to the senses of anyone possessing the intellectual ability to brush their teeth and rinse afterward.  Critiques galore are panning her performance as beyond terminal.  But the bet here is the movie will be a commercial success; that it will draw substantially more viewers than most independent “art” films; and that Paris’s dim-bulb star will continue to flicker on—perhaps even brighter than before.  Which begs the question—who’s doing the laughing and who’s just sitting stupefied on gooey confection:  Us or Paris?  

Oh yeah, Paris Hilton was also trashed last night and sang her favorite song "Stars are Blind" at The Estate in Boston. Her boobs fell out of her dress. Shocking!