paps arrested running britney spears off the road


Paps Arrested For Endangering Britney’s Life

Author: Susan
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Last night at approximately 11:20 PM, eight paparazzi vehicles were busted by the police for chasing down Britney Spears in Mission Hills, CA. Four of the paps were arrested for crazy driving – speeding way over the limit and slicing across lanes – in pursuit of their usual fierce mission to snap a few embarrassingly bad photos of our favorite post-pop star who I affectionately refer to as my adorably confused ragamuffin mother-of-two.

TMZ reports:

We're also told that Britney herself told cops that one of the cars may have tried to "run her off the road," but she couldn't ID which car it was, so no action was taken. Also, we spotted her going to Kitson -- the clothing store -- at 1:30 in the morning. Yes, she made them open up the store.

Apparently, TMZ “has also learned that cops were pleasantly surprised when Britney forked over a valid California driver's license.”

Yay, for Britney, she actually did get a driver’s license.  There’s hope for her yet, except for maybe the part about her forcing Kitson to open their doors for her at 1:30 in the morning. She might’ve had a good reason though.  Perhaps she needed a handkerchief or a scarf to wipe down a few unsightly beads of sweat spotting her little round chin. has today's full-story:

11:00 AM PT Update: Somehow, probably by an act of God, the victim was released from the hospital last night with only a tire mark on his arm. TMZ reports that there was not a single broken bone or no internal injuries.

8:20 PM PT Update:
We have just learned that the person that was ran over is actually not an actual paparazzo but instead someone who takes part in chases in order to “tip off” agencies about the whereabouts of celebrities. He is therefore a “spotter”. He does not work for any agency.

7:35 PM PT Update:
We were just informed the paparazzo is alive, but in critical condition. He suffered broken legs, broken arms and a broken back, according to our source.

Story developing...

An X17 paparazzi has just ran over another paparazzi on a motorcycle while chasing Britney Spears who had just come out of The Four Seasons Hotel. Our source tells us that this occurred as the caravan of chasers were making a right turn on Santa Monica Blvd. and Rexford Dr. in Beverly Hills. The paparazzi was hit by a silver range rover and was literally smashed under its wheels. From what we hear, the body went into seizure and then it just stopped moving. It doesn’t look like he made it, according to our source.

This stuff is getting out of hand, next time it might be Britney that gets hurt.”

This news only confirms Rosie O’Donnell’s psychic powers when she put two-and-two together by comparing Brit to Princess Diana in her blog in response to the mob of photogs Brit had to face when attempting to enter the downtown courtroom Monday for a custody hearing to re-instate her monitored-visitation rights to see her kids.  In Ro’s own words:

“I remember the tunnel as it appeared on the news, lit by headlights, flashlights, red lights.  Between the cement tall pillars was a heap of twisted metal.  I saw it then, and I can see it now. Diana dead...

At eight years old, she [Brit] bravely stood before a microphone.  By 17, she had sold 25 million records.  Where were the sidewalk-skinned knees, the chalk stained hands, the monkey bars, the passed notes?  A Disney set is not a childhood, no matter how many bright colors they use, or how cheerful the script.

Not a girl, barely even a woman yet, they chased her.  A mob of stalkers for whom no stalking laws have been written. Smother. Crush. Flash. Photo Credit.  Even Dr. “Get Real” Phil got in on the action. Unreal.     

83 million albums sold so far. How many pictures?    

The tunnel is crowded now [meaning the tunnel where Princess Di’s life was tragically ended).  There are only inches of separation between vulnerability and disaster.”

I agree.  This is why posted the most beautiful picture we could find of Britney Spears when we recounted the weekend of her police stand-off.  She was a very pretty girl.  It’s not fair to scare this poor child.