new kids on the block are back


Nostalgia for your own past can be dangerous to others

TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2008
Author: Olena
Tags: New Kids on the Block


That New Kids on the Block pillowcase and sheet set you have will no longer be vintage because guess what – they’ll probably be making them again. Everyone’s heard the New Kids on the Block are getting back together.  Some even know people who have woken up at five in the morning to hear them perform on the Today Show.  I, personally, felt nauseous when I saw them on my homepage this morning.  Is even more publicity for their video “Summertime” really necessary? 

Donnie has had a fruitful acting career and Joey made his video game debut in Dancing with the Stars, but have Danny, Jordan, and Jon just been spending their evenings twiddling their thumbs?  What are they trying to prove by reliving their pasts – everyone gets old, but not the New Kids? 

“Summertime” has all the accoutrements of a boy band.  Their dance routine performed in white suits makes them look anything but sexy.  If anything, the blinding fabric draws attention away from the fact that these boys are in their late 30s and early 40s.   

Their lyrics are just as original as ever.  Who can resist a man who sings, “I’ll never forget touching your body soaking wet” or “you said don’t call after 10 but you know that I did because I couldn’t stop thinking of you?”   

There isn’t anything wrong with reunions, but I think everyone would agree – it’s never as good as the first time, especially when the first time wasn’t that good.