katie holmes seen wearing gloves


Katie Holmes Seen Wearing Gloves

TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2008
Author: Olena
Tags: Katie Holmes


What’s even more shocking than wearing too little? Wearing too much, especially when it’s a suspicious article of clothing like a pair of gloves.  Who needs to wear gloves in the middle of the sweltering summer while drinking a venti Starbucks coffee?  Of course, someone whose hands have been discolored by a Scientology ritual.  At least, that’s the hypothesis of a few observers.  According to aol: 

New converts to Scientology are supposed to ingest massive doses of vitamin B3, aka Niacin, which some say causes the hands to turn purple.  

Last week when Katie Holmes wasn’t wearing gloves, she had her hands tucked into her shirt sleeves like a shy schoolgirl or wrapped inside Tom Cruise’s. Into what labyrinth has Tom led her?  One that has denied her the true sense of touch at least for a little while.  Luckily, now the situation is under control.  We are allowed to see Katie’s hands again.  She is officially a convert.